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Titre: Gandhi’s Nationalist Movement (1920-1947): A Non-Violent Path towards Independence
Auteur(s): Amina, Khadraoui
Mots-clés: Gandhi’s -Nationalist Movement -1920-1947-Violent Path towards Independence
Date de publication: 29-sep-2016
Résumé: The Indian freedom struggle was one of the greatest liberation movements against colonialism and imperialism. The battle keeps on being an effective and strong source of inspiration for countries that reject to accept foreign dominance and exploitation; for countries that estimate liberty, equality, freedom, dignity and democracy. The Indian freedom struggle provides novel and ideal models of patriotism and nationalism which may be adopted and pursued in order to eradicate and devastate the undemocratic foundations of colonialism, neo- colonialism, feudalism, radicalism and different forms of hidden oppression and abuse. It is broadly accepted that Gandhi played a major, vital and crucial role in keeping the Indian national movement first and foremost non-violent. He passionately and enthusiastically adopted and applied his theory and strategy of non-violence to make India independent from the British servitude.
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