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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
4-mar-2024The Implementation Of English In The Algerian Primary School and its effect on the French language : The case study of 3rd Year Pupils at Telemdi Miloud - Sidi Mjahed - TlemcenHOUARI, Manel
4-mar-2024From Fiction to Reality in Steven Soderbergh’s Contagion (2011), a Prediction of Coronavirus PandemicBenchouk, Selma Kenza
4-fév-2024Developing the Communicative Competence through Gamification in Primary School: The Case of Third-Year Pupils at Ain Tallout and Ouled MimounOUICI, Sarah
4-mar-2024Wicked Matriarchy behind the Scenes: On the Perfectionism of Women from Book to Screen through The Stepford Wives and Sharp ObjectsAYECH HAMRAOUI, Meriem
29-fév-2024THE IMPACT OF BULLYING ON EFL LEARNERS’ SPEAKING SKILL; Case of Second Year EFL Students at Tlemcen University.Hadbi, Amina; Guenineche, Amira
29-fév-2024Analyzing the influence of integrating Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) on EFL Students Development and Teachers perception within thé Educational Framework of AlgeriaMekkioui, narimen
26-fév-2024Exploring Teaching English Challenges in Primary Schools as a New Experience In Algeria. Case of Primary Schools in Benisnous -TlemcenREBIB, Djihad
25-fév-2024The Competency-Based Approach in the Algerian Secondary School Case Study: Third year pupils at Lac Karrar secondary school in RemchiBOUKHARI, Sabah
25-fév-2024The Impact of English Movies in Improving Third Year EFL Students’ Proficiency in English Vocabulary: the Case of Third-Year EFL students at Tlemcen UniversityBELGHERRAS, Bouchra; TOUATI, Ahlem
21-fév-2024Reasons behind the use of Arabic and French in EFL classrooms: The Case of 1st – Year Teachers and Students at The University of TlemcenGAOUAR, Fatima Zohra; HAMMOU, Marwa
20-fév-2024The impact of Arabic Diglossia on primary school pupils in AlgeriaBOUZIANE, Chaimae; DJALIL, Imane
20-fév-2024Interactional Implications of Code-Switching in Social Media/Facebook : The Case of EFL Students at Abou Bekr Belkaid UniversityBOUMEDDANE, Nasr-Eddine; BENAISSA, Mohammed
20-fév-2024Language Anxiety and its Impact on Oral Performance on EFL Classrooms The Case Study of First Year Students at Aboubakr Bel kaid University of TlemcenCHABOULI, Meriem; CHIB, Sanaa
20-fév-2024Effects of Congenital Agrammatic Broca’s Aphasia on the Arabic MorphoSyntactic Structure: The Case of Down Syndrome Children in TlemcenKHOUDOUR, Rayene; GUINDO, Hassimi Salif
18-fév-2024Using the Brain-Based Approach to Teach English Vocabulary to Pupils: The Case of Third-Year Pupils at Bendjaloul Primary School, MaghniaMESTARI, Amina Sara
18-fév-2024Quality Education in ELT: A Prerequisite for 3rd Year EFL Learners at Tlemcen University.ALLAL, Lyla
15-fév-2024Exploring the Impact of Classroom Size on EFL Teaching and Learning Processes: The Case of Fourth-Year Pupils at “Benyani Benouda” Middle SchoolMOUSSOUS, Hanaa Fatima Zohra
25-jan-2024Exploring young learners' perceptions of learning English Language through Images: Case of Elite Private SchoolChabane Sari, Manel
25-jan-2024Reflections on Pre-service Training for ESP Teachers in the Department of Sociology at Tlemcen UniversityMOUAOUED, Faiza; MOURAH, Dounia
25-jan-2024The Role of Motivation in Improving EFL Learner’s Speaking Skill : The Case of Third- Year Foreign Languages Learners at Medjaoui Habri Secondary School -TlemcenBOUABDERRAHMANE, Samira; BELDJELLIL, Khadidja
Les items dans la collection (arrangés par Date soumis en ordre Décroissant: 1 à 20 de 677