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Titre: The Teacher-Student Relationship to Optimize learning: The Case of First-year LMD Students at Tlemcen University
Auteur(s): Redif, Bilal
Mots-clés: The Teacher-Student Relationship - Optimize learning - Students at Tlemcen University
Date de publication: 28-sep-2016
Résumé: The objective of this research is to investigate how a supportive teacher-student relationship can improve the learning process. It assumes that Good relationships with students may provide chances to be motivated and feel engaged in the classroom. This research aims at knowing the role of these relationships in enhancing learning, and the ways of building, and promoting them in the classroom to gain the students’ academic achievement. In addition, it also provides the main strategies, and keys to cultivate strong and supportive teacher-students relationships in EFL classrooms. The tools that are used in this research are: the questionnaires, and the classroom observation, which revealed that a good teaching and learning requires good and supportive relationships between teachers and students, and between students themselves within the classroom setting.
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