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Titre: Quality Education in Urban and Remote Areas: Case of Secondary School. (lycée Dr. Benzerdjeb, Tlemcen and Poly Phase secondary school, El Bouihi, sebdou)
Auteur(s): Torchaoui, Maazouza
Mots-clés: Quality Education - Urban-Remote Areas
Date de publication: 22-sep-2016
Résumé: The present research aims at describing the quality of education in the Algerian secondary schools and the way English is taught and learnt. It also seeks to find the differences that exist between remote and urban secondary schools. At first, it provides some definitions about quality education and its main components. In addition to that, it gives a general idea about the status of the English language in the world. Then, the researchers describe the ELT situation in Algeria, since Algeria has a rich linguistic background. They also strive to compare the quality of education and how English is regarded in urban and rural secondary schools. Two secondary schools were chosen as models, the first was the lycee of Benzerdjeb in Tlemcen and the second was Poly Phase secondary school in El Bouihi, Sebdou. The research findings and conclusions show that there is a gap in the quality of education between remote and urban high schools. It is found that the teaching of English still needs care especially in the remote places. Finally, the researchers speak about the obstacles met in accomplishing the work and then provided some solutions and suggestions for further research.
Collection(s) :Master en Anglais

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