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Titre: John F. Kennedy And The New Frontier
Auteur(s): BOUKHALFA, Sabrina
Mots-clés: John F. Kennedy - New Frontier
Date de publication: 30-sep-2015
Résumé: In essence, the present dissertation seeks to highlight President Kennedy’s political career with a particular focus on his domestic and foreign policies. To this end, the study has used a historical approach to trace back these important issues. At the domestic level, President Kennedy introduced a host of proposals with the aim and intention of improving the living standards of the American people notably at the level of: economy, education, healthcare and Civil Rights. As for the president’s foreign policy, the study has pinpointed to The Bay of Pigs and the Vienna summit, the Cuban missile crisis in addition to some other global challenges that the President faced in different corners of the world, namely in Africa, Middle East and Northern America.
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