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Titre: Gender Linguistic Behavior Complaining for Men Vs Women: Case Study of Tlemcen Speech Community
Auteur(s): Louazani, Khawla
Mots-clés: Gender- Linguistic- Behavior Complaining - Men Vs Women: Tlemcen -Speech Community
Date de publication: 29-jui-2015
Résumé: in this extended essay, we have studied the phenomenon of complaints as expressed by men and women in the tlemcenian society. We intend to examine the students‟ opinions towards complaint. We have analyzed linguistically the use of complaint in order to show who complaint more Men or Women. The findings of the study show that women generally complain more than men; they are not coherent in their daily speech, and they are always powerless in their speech, and this powerlessness seen as deriving from the weak stance or position, women were assuming.(Lakoff, 1975). Most of the students claimed out that women usually complain to solve their problems and to prove themselves. Complaint can be regarded as gendered norms for language use, and sometimes it could be seen as non-honorific way of expressing ourselves, since it does not constrain speakers to signal hierarchical social relations in a variety of place in their utterances.
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