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Titre: EFL Students’ Attitudes towards the Use of Prewriting Strategies in the Writing Process The Case of Third Year Students of English at the University of Tlemcen
Auteur(s): Mokhtari, Ikram
Date de publication: 24-mai-2023
Résumé: Most students consider prewriting to be an extremely challenging stage in the writing process. The present study aims to investigate third year students ‘attitudes and perceptions towards the use of prewriting strategies in the writing process. To achieve the purpose of this study, the researcher opted for two questionnaires; the first was administered to forty EFL university students while the other one to fifteen teachers of written expression .The results showed that students had positive attitudes towards the use of prewriting strategies, they claimed that they generally use these strategies before they attempt to write .Besides, they stated that using prewriting strategies is important and remarkably useful for them in organizing their writing. Furthermore, teachers admitted that the use of prewriting strategies is crucial in the writing process. In sum, the use of prewriting strategies before starting composing is a highly significant step and may have a positive effect on the students’ writing skill.
Collection(s) :Master en Anglais

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