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Titre: The Role of The Teacher in Learning Improvements The Case of Second year EFL Students at Tlemcen university
Auteur(s): BENHACINE, Amel Naima
Date de publication: 21-mai-2023
Résumé: The implementation of educational activities in schools is a difficult task. The challenges of completing educational work in schools stem from the fact that education is a term that relates to human beings. The educational strategy is different for everyone and is implemented individually, starting with the fact that each individual has its own idiosyncrasies that differ from one another.The teacher is the one who is in charge of carrying out educational tasks in the classroom.The teacher's role as a key player in the completion of educational tasks is examined from a variety of perspectives. To examine the stated hypotheses, the researcher followed a descriptive method. This study aims at investigating second year EFL students and English teachers attitudes towards the effectiveness of using teaching methods and figure out the role of the teacher on students’ improvements. To collect the needed data, two collecting tools were used. First, a questionnaire for thirty second year students at Tlemcen University in the academic year 2021 -2022. In addition, a teacher interview was designed to gather their opinions about the use and effectiveness of using appropriate teaching methods. The results indicated that the teachers agree that the students must deal with efficient teaching methods to enhance their learning as supporting tool for students’ advancements and foreign language acquisition.
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