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Titre: The Obstacles of Memorization: The Case of Fifth-Grade Pupils at Hassnaoui Primary School, Tlemcen
Auteur(s): BELAROUCI, Khadidja
BELMOKHTAR, Fatima Zohra
Date de publication: 23-fév-2023
Résumé: The importance of education lies in being the key to a bright and successful future. All children deserve a chance to get a education, because it helps them achieve their self. The focus is on providing children with the opportunity to learn and develop, so that they can grow to be an integral part of their communities. Explore the approved method in teaching and memorisation within a primary school as well as investigate how much pupils are mindful of the important role of memorisation in their learning journey. For the present research work, the investigators opted for an exploratory case study research at Hasnauoi primary school at Imama Tlemcen. Data were collected via structured interviews with pupils, teachers’ questionnaire, and classroom observation. Data were analyzed both quantitatively and qualitatively. The primary findings obtained from the present investigation were analyzed, interpreted, and discussed in detail. Concerning the research questions and hypotheses, two were confirmed while one was rejected. Thus, it was reached that this study revealed that most students use memorization techniques, especially repetition, as well as categorizing, reading aloud, or even listening to the required information. It was also noted that they lack some instructions from teachers due to lack of time. Memorization can also be considered a skill that the student can develop. By the end of the research, the researchers provided some recommendations and suggestions for the sake of teachers and pupils to enhance the memorization process.
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