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Titre: Comparaison des résultats de vérification des plans de traitement VMAT par détecteur ArcChek (Sun Nuclear ) et module PDIP(Varian) -CLCC Sidi Belabbes-
Auteur(s): Nafissa, Benyamina
Mots-clés: VMAT, Quality control, PDIP, ArcCHECK, Gamma index
VMAT, Control qualité ,PDIP, ArcCHECK ,Gamma index
Date de publication: 3-mai-2021
Editeur: 08-05-2022
Référence bibliographique: salle des thèses
Résumé: Since the discovery of X-rays in 1895, radiotherapy aims to deliver an optimal dose in the "target volume" Radiotherapy has played a very important role for several decades now in the treatment of cancers, and consists mainly of altering cancer cells using ionizing radiation more or less energetic, in order to cause the death of these cells harmful. Often associated with surgery and / or chemotherapy, radiotherapy represents a powerful weapon in the resorption of localized tumors. With the constant progress of treatment techniques, the main objective is now to optimize the deposition of the physical dose, a quantity proportional to the energy deposited by the ionizing particles in the tissues. By increasing the dose received by the tumor as much as possible while sparing the surrounding healthy tissues as much as possible, the risk of recurrence at the end of the treatment is reduced, the side effects are controlled and the probability of developing a radiolucent cancer. induced, ie caused by the dose to healthy tissue often appearing several years after treatment, is minimized.
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