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Titre: Réalisation d’un système de partage du dossier électronique du patient.
Auteur(s): Ghomari, Mehdi
Zehhar, Taha
Mots-clés: Shared medical record, medical annotation, patient record, mobile application.
Dossier médical partagé, annotation médicale, dossier patient, application mobile.
Date de publication: 4-jui-2021
Editeur: 14-04-2021
Référence bibliographique: salle des thèses
Collection/Numéro: bfst2686;
Résumé: The shared medical record is a tool with promising possibilities, for both coordination of care and for patient empowerment in relation to health. This is the future of medical exchanges between the health’s professional and his patient. An opportunity to create more collaborative relationship, everyone brings his own stone to the building. Our job is to develop applications to help sharing the patient’s record between health professionals. This will help make good decisions later and improve patient care. Our system allows healthcare services to be delivered in terms of human lives and cost, to establish a hospital-city relationship, to encourage collaboration between doctors about the patient record and involve in their care process through the consultation of his record from its mobile application.
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