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Titre: Introducing the English Language in the Algerian Primary Schools: Teachers, Parents and Pupils’ Attitudes
Auteur(s): MANSEUR, Raouia
Mots-clés: Algeria; attitudes; English language policy; internal stakeholders; nineties; pilot primary schools.
Date de publication: 27-déc-2020
Résumé: Algeria witnessed a total shake-up in language policy as English was implemented at the level of some pilot primary schools in the nineties. Notwithstanding, the English language policy was eliminated due to irrational reasons that were covered under the paucity of the teachers who were assigned teaching English in primary education. The latter appeared to be a stratagem for the preservation of the French language and its acute status in Algeria. Accordingly, the present study investigates the main reasons behind the abolition of the nineties’ English language policy implemented at primary school. The study involved a sample of 936 participants who represented key internal stakeholders along with those who witnessed the nineties experience. It also explores the attitudes of these internal stakeholders towards introducing English at primary school in Algeria. The present research encompasses two mini studies conducted to verify the hypotheses, including the use of five main data collection tools and diverse software programmes for data analysis. The present study would contribute to the enrichment of existing literature on the nineties experience and may help furtherance of future English language policy.
Collection(s) :Doctorat en Anglais

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