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Titre: Quality Education: Implementing Innovation and Change in Communication Language Oriented Teaching Case of 1 st Year EFL Learners at Tlemcen University
Auteur(s): BOUKHARI, Nassima
Date de publication: 25-nov-2019
Résumé: Globalization has resulted the integration and interaction among nations, in which international trade and investments are guided by the information technology. As a result, education has been the major shift that marks the twenty-first century due its great concern. Today‟s knowledge-based education era witnesses a growing demand of a good quality education since it correlates directly with human recourses. In other words, the power of education helps to ensure that everyone fits in today‟s knowledge society. Therefore, the current research aims to provide definitions and details about quality education, with reference to Algerian context. The researcher focuses on the process of innovation and change in this millennium, and its requirements in order to achieve the expected change. Specifically, to talk about the importance of communicative language and its contributions in today‟s education. First year EFL learners at Tlemcen University were taken as a model, with their teachers of oral expression. The research findings and conclusions show that there is a gap of understanding the concept of quality and is implementation in specific contexts, as well as, the difficulties occurring when teaching communication in Algerian EFL department such as lack of the quality of technology, classroom size and teacher‟s profile. Finally, the researcher provided the possible suggestions and solutions in order to improve the quality of CLT, and reach effective learning.
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