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Titre: Machiavellian Policy and its Impact on Nowadays Political Leaders According to The Prince
Auteur(s): ARFA, Amal
Date de publication: 20-nov-2019
Résumé: Since Machiavelli's writings are read until these days especially The Prince; this dissertation deals with the Machiavellian policy and its impact on nowadays leaders and political life. Machiavelli's book came with a new mentality known by "Machiavellianism", there are many doubts whether this policy still matters or it vanishes as other political doctrines. At the heart of Machiavelli's advice, analyze his book to explore the existence of this policy in the 20th-century leadership first sight on Machiavelli's political treatise The Prince, many other writings and audio sources that help to examine this study and reinforce its data. Machiavellianism may occur in the politicians' behaviours as a political thought or as innate general conduct. The work is divided into three chapters, the first of which covers the major theoretical dimensions necessary for the analysis that will be carried on in the second chapter while the results of this research will be cited in the third chapter as well. This thesis is written to reach the conclusion that Machiavellianism still matters until these days in our world.
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