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Titre: The Teach-To-The Test Approach: Benefits in HighStakes Exams: Case of Baccalaureate Exam
Auteur(s): CHETTAF, Samira
Date de publication: 27-oct-2019
Résumé: Testing is an important part of teaching, preparation for high-stakes exam concern both teachers and students . Most teachers look for the best way to prepare their students for high-stakes exams in order to get good marks, and they guide them by using different methods and strategies; where exam preparations take a significant and interesting part of classroom time though, it promotes and enhances students learning outcome, and work to achieve what all students want, This research work was divided into two chapters. The first chapter was consists of key concepts definitions and literature review In the practical part two qualitative and quantitative instruments of data collection were used; questionnaire, and interview. The results of the findings retrieved from the analysis were used to draw some conclusions on the third year foreign languages in secondary school preparation for the BAC exam.
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