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Titre: Modélisation des caractéristiques électriques d’un transistor bipolaire à hétérojonction InP/InGaAs
Auteur(s): Berrichi, Yamina
Mots-clés: Indium phosphorus(InP), indium gallium arsenide(InGaAs), HBT, fT, fMAX.
phosphore d’indium (InP), indium gallium arsenide(InGaAs), HBT, fT, fMAX.
Date de publication: 5-jui-2018
Editeur: 20-05-2019
Référence bibliographique: salle des theses
Résumé: In this work, we studied an HBT (Hetero-junction Bipolar Transistor) InP/InGaAs type NPN. The simulation was performed using the SILVACO-TCAD simulator. First, we developed the geometrical form of the study structure for its simulation, in order to approach the actual configuration of the component. We obtained a current gain of about 800, a transition frequency fT=620 GHz and a maximum frequency fMAX =300 GHz. We then introduced InAs and GaP binary semiconductors to lower, the resistivity of the base to improve the electrical characteristics of our component. For this we have proposed a new geometric configuration with the corresponding new results. Thus, we simulated the actual structure of the HBT studied and published by one of the University of California in 2001. The results of our simulation remain almost identical to those obtained in this laboratory. We then developed this structure by introducing "buffer" layers in InAs and GaP, thus eliminating interface defects and improving the electrical and frequency performance of the component.
Collection(s) :Doctorat classique

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