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Titre: Physico-chemical Proprieties of Olive Oil
Auteur(s): ZAHOUANE, Siham
Mots-clés: Virgin olive oil, Physico-chemical analysis, Zarifet, Millennial plant.
Huile d'olive vierge, Analyse Physico-chimique, Zarifet, Olivier Millénaire.
Date de publication: 26-jui-2018
Editeur: 20-05-2019
Référence bibliographique: salle des theses
Résumé: Olive oil is the fatty matter that extracted from olives; there are three kinds of olive oil: virgin olive oil, extra virgin olive oil and current virgin olive oil. We can distinguish between them when we know the composition of each oil and to know it we have to do some physicochemical analyses which help us to know the quality of each olive oil. We choose Tlemcen as a region to study and we choose especially an olive oil from a millennial plant located in Zarifet and other oils from Sabra, Saf-Saf, Ouzidene and Bejaia and we analyzed them. Finally, according to our results, we find that our oils have good quality and they respect the norms especially our millennial plant, in which its analysis results are: acid index (2.057±0.323), acidity (1.035±0.163), peroxide index (153.666±0.577), saponification index (189.804±0.810), iodine index (94.187±0.487), esterification index (187.747±0.706), impurities (0.010 ±0.030), and refractive index (1.4702).
Collection(s) :Master en chimie

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