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Titre: Etude, Simulation et modélisation des transistors pseudo- morphique p-HEMTs à base d‟InxGa1-xAs
Auteur(s): Bechlaghem, Fatima Zohra
Mots-clés: p-HEMTs, , Monte Carlo, Materiau InGaAs, Silvaco.
:p-HEMTs, , Monte Carlo, Matériau InGaAs, Silvaco
Date de publication: 13-sep-2018
Editeur: 08-05-2019
Référence bibliographique: salle des theses
Résumé: The developed studies in military and civil fields are behind a major evolution of the industry of microwave technologies, using the heterojunction field effect transistor. The system of material I of InxGa1-xAs n for the pseudo-morphic HEMTs transistors has a structure of better transport properties, among other III-V compound semiconductors. The work presented in this memoir globally consists of two main parts: The first part consists of the study of the phenomena of electronic transport of InGaAs materials by the techniques of Monte Carlo simulation. In this part, we have studied the speeds in steady state and transitional regime, particle energy in different valleys as function of time and for different electric fields and temperature. This study is completed with satisfactory results. In the second part, we have carried out a study of the DC and AC characteristics of a pseudo morphic HEMT AlGaAs / InGaAs / GaAs field effect transistor. We expose the results of the two-dimensional numerical simulation by using the ATLAS module of the SILVACO software under the influence of different technological parameters and we have obtained good results.
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Collection(s) :Doctorat classique

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