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Titre: Teachers’ Perceptions of Differentiated Instruction: Case of Third year EFL Level at the University of Tlemcen.
Auteur(s): CHERIF, Bouchra
Date de publication: 11-déc-2018
Résumé: Considering differentiated Instruction as an approach in teaching through which educators anticipate and respond to their students’ needs, the purpose of this study was to explore teachers’ understanding of differentiated instruction and their perceptions of their ability to implement it. Therefore, this research work is a casestudy on both teachers and third-year EFL students at the department of English at the University of Tlemcen. Two instruments were used in collecting data; teachers’ survey and students’ questionnaire. Moreover, quantitative and qualitative approaches were used to analyse the obtained results. It revealed that remarkable differences were noticed in the level of understanding among teachers, as it indicated that teachers are not really able to implement such an approach, and thus accommodate their learners’ differences.
Collection(s) :Master en Anglais

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