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Titre: Reyna’s Grande The Distance Between Us : A Mirror of Chicano Life
Auteur(s): Belmahi, Nawel
Mots-clés: The Distance Between Us, American Dream, illegal immigration, Border, Mexican American, Chicana literature, Otro Lado
Date de publication: 5-déc-2018
Résumé: The Distance Between Us (2012) is an autobiography written by the Mexican American award winning novelist and memoirist, who crossed the US-Mexico border as an undocumented child, and portrays life before and after illegal immigration. She describes the rifts caused by the pursuing of the American Dream and the struggle to hold family relationships. She also depicts the cultural differences between the two countries emphasizing on the issue of language and identity. Through her memoir, Reyna Grande meant to humanize the perception of undocumented immigrants and gives them the key for a successful life. Indeed, her poignant life story seems to be as an inspiration and a hope for many Dreamers. It is proclaimed by the vast majority of critics as a true representative creative nonfiction Chicana memoir. Therefore, this extended simple essay aims to provide a historical over view about illegal immigration of Mexican Americans and to elicit the themes found in the memoir.
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