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Titre: The representation of the American dream in Scott Fitzgerald novel the Great Gatsby
Auteur(s): Bellahcene, Meriem
Date de publication: 5-déc-2018
Résumé: The American dream became such a great ideal for people to live a better life. The idea of American dream linked to the appropriate live, in other sense to live good life owning house car and a family. the idea of the American dream exist for a long time but in the early twenties century it reach the top .this idea became something special for American society, it s turn to a symbol of achievement .many writer write about this issue Scott Fitzgerald the American novelist with his famous novel the Great Gatsby talked the issue of the American dream and its influence on the individual .This dream rise in era of prosperity and economic boom .at that time united states of America was considered as one of the powerful nation .Due to the rise of industrialization and technology .however the dream was corrupt Fitzgerald represent this dream in his novel the great Gatsby .drawing a clear view about the era, and the rise of materialism .people were only materialistic they search only for money and wealth. The character Gatsby in the novel amen from the middle class does a lot f illegal thing to become rich, in order to reach his dream .otherwise the character daisy and tom Buchanan the elite class they naturally born in wealthy family. This research provides information about the era the novel represents. The great Gatsby novel was one of the famous literary work, in addition to that the research discuss Gatsby failure of the dream in the end of the story.
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