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Titre: The Use of Platforms as a Learning Tool : Case of Political Sciences Facebook Page
Auteur(s): Bousmaha, Ilyes
Date de publication: 7-nov-2018
Résumé: Social networks in general and Facebook in particular are considered today to be the most popular platform for online communication and chatting among college students, who are really attached to this virtual space. First, we can assume easily that it is a waste of time; on the other hand, it also assists students to expand significant knowledge and social abilities. It offers different chances for teachers and students to supplely, work together beyond classroom . The increasing attractiveness of such space initiated discussions between educators, who think that these online tools are an evident occasion to widen original ways of the learning and teaching process. The intention of this study is to investigate if the use of Facebook learning platforms has a positive effect on Master 2 Political sciences students at Tlemcen University and if we are capable to consider it as a learning environment that possibly will support their educational matters. The results showed that teachers have a good understanding of the importance of learning platforms that can generate perfect teaching, along with their wiliness to use it as a teaching tool, but the students showed little confusion on the global understanding of the usage of platforms as a learning tool.
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