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Titre: The War Powers Act of 1973 and Its Impact on the U.S. War Decision Making in Foreign policy
Auteur(s): Abbaci, Abderrazek
Date de publication: 7-nov-2018
Résumé: The purpose behind this thesis is to examine whether or not the War Powers Resolution of 1973 achieved the desirable effects on the newly American foreign policy following the Second World War in general, and specifically on the process that the responsible branches of the American government follow when they deploy troops overseas in order to defend democracy and preserve peace whilst maintaining the American national interest on the globe or when they raise and support these deployed armed forces without the need to formally declare war. In addition this paper tackles a range of conflicts which the United States took part in; a few of them are prior to the passage of the War Powers Resolution of 1973 and contributed in creating it whereas the rest will be examples to decide on the success or the failure of the examined resolution of 1973
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