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Titre: Tamazight in the Algerian School Attitudes of Learners and Teachers
Auteur(s): Khelkhal Haddouche, Wassila
Touati, Mohammed
Mots-clés: Attitude; Tamazight; Education; Arabophone society; Algeria.
Date de publication: 5-nov-2018
Résumé: The present research endeavours to explore the attitudes of teachers and learners in the Algerian Arabophone society toward the integration of Tamazight in education. The research was conducted at Hadouine Abdelkader middle school in Beni Bousaid and Bouhanak El-jadida “2” middle school in Mansourah via mixed methods of data collection and analysis. The findings showed that the linguistic environment has the major effect on the attitudes of learners and motivation is a crucial element that should be taken in consideration in the implementation process. Further, the results show that only the teachers of Tamazight have positive attitudes towards the inclusion of this language in the Algerian education.
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