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Titre: Les représentations symboliques dans l’œuvre romanesque de Malek Haddad.
Auteur(s): Korso, Merième Samia
Mots-clés: History - war - symbol – myth- dialect - Meaning - intertext - representation - colonization – commitment- Algeria.
Date de publication: 16-sep-2018
Résumé: The symbolic representations in the fictional work of Malek Haddad. Maghrebi literature was born in a very precise period in the history of Algeria, that of a country colonized by France. It is this same socio-historical context that animated the writing of the committed author Malek Haddad, a passionate author of his country. His commitment was not only political, but also literary, since history is present in all its forms. To stand out from the French-language authors, he adopts a very particular style since he chooses to introduce in his texts, words and expressions of the Algerian dialect. Every word he writes is a meaningful symbol that can be explicit or implicit and that the reader must interpret while reading. However, each of his novels tell a different story, but basically, they all converge to the same point, that of denouncing the atrocity of war in all its forms. In order to avoid censorship, he uses different symbolic representations to express himself. The author does not hesitate to use the different linguistic means that allow him to awaken the spirit of the Algerian population.
Collection(s) :Doctorat en Français

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