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Titre: The Women Question in Literature during theVictorian Era: The case of :Thomas Hardy and Charles Dikens
Mots-clés: The Women Question- Literatur-Victorian Era-Thomas Hardy -Charles Dikens
Date de publication: 14-nov-2017
Résumé: The thesis is entitled the women question during the 19th century in literature. The dissertation is an examination of the conditions of women in the Victorian society, and how the Victorian writers Charles Dickens and Thomas Hardy represented them. This dissertation is conducting by focusing on some of Thomas Hardy and Charles Dickens works as poets and as novelists. As most other Victorian writers; Hardy and Dickens were concerned with the "Woman Question". Their works reveal profound sympathy for women and their struggle to realize their desires and ambitions; both inside and outside the home. Our work is divided into two chapters. chapter one sketches the general historical background of the era entailing the life of Victorians in general and that of women in particular. The chapter includes diverse aspects of life including social, economic, and cultural dimensions. The aim of this chapter is to spotlight on the life of women and their struggle to get rid of oppression.Chapter two provides a further discussion of the conditions of women by referring to some writings especially those written by prominent Victorian writers and poets that focus on women and how they portrayed them. The aim through it is to demonstrate Hardy and Dickens' position towards women among their contemporaries. It is also concerned of the analysis of some of Their works as poets than as novelists, they are two of so many writers who sympathized with women and sought to change people's view on them during the Victorian era.
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