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Titre: Teachers’ role in Improving Students’ Pair Work Quality Case of EFL Teachers and Students at Tlemcen University
Auteur(s): Abdelwahab, Sayah
Taibi, Omar
Mots-clés: Teachers’ role - Improving Students’ Pair -Work Quality - EFL Teachers -Students at Tlemcen University
Date de publication: 13-nov-2017
Résumé: The educational system has developed and become more optimized in the last decades. This creates new methodologies in teaching. These developments are referred to communicative language teaching, however, what is known by pair work. Thus, this study focuses on the role of the teacher to ensure pair work quality, and also the problems of how to get students to express themselves freely in pair work activities. The participants were twenty (20) EFL students and five (05) EFL teachers. Two research instruments were used to collect data; the semi-structured interview was addressed to teachers and the questionnaire addressed to second year students. The collected data were analyzed qualitatively and quantitatively. The results revealed that the most of the EFL students preferred whole class discussion rather than pair work activities. Whereas, the teachers are straggling to enhance their lectures using pair work activities as possible as they can. The research work was concluded with some suggestions and recommendations aimed at helping both teachers and learners to build a good rapport and become more aware of pair work benefits and advantages.
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