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Titre: Women’s Suffrage Movement in Britain: The Long Road toward Women’s Rights (1850/1928)
Auteur(s): KECHE, Houda
MAMMERI, Chahinaz
Mots-clés: Women’s Suffrage Movement - Britain- The Long Road toward Women’s Rights-1850/1928
Date de publication: 24-oct-2017
Résumé: Until the nineteenth century women in Britain were persecuted by a society that considered women’s place at home and viewed women as servants to men. In most instances, by marriage, the husband and wife became one person and that person was the husband. Therefore, British women suffered in order to get equal rights that men had always enjoy, which led to the emergence of Women’s Suffrage Movement in Britain in 1860. This research paper tends to highlight the status of women in the Victorian Era (1837-1901), in addition to the long road toward women’s rights, focusing on the circumstances that prompted the evolution of the Suffrage Movement. Moreover, the main objective of this research is to show that this movement was the voice that pushed women to become independent, and that created a world where men and women share not only children and home but duties and rights as well.
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