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Titre: Culture and its Implication on Taboo Performances in the Algerian Society
Auteur(s): Babou-Sekkal, Meryem
Mots-clés: language, culture, Algerian society, Taboo terms and behaviours..
Date de publication: 3-avr-2017
Résumé: he relationship between language and culture in addition to the way it influences its users represent the backbone of the present research paper. Moreover, the preeminent role that culture plays in directing people‘s choices of the suitable time and setting to use or avoid employing certain taboo terms and behaviours is under investigation into the bargain. The research explores the phenomenon of taboo language within the Algerian society through the use of three instruments namely; the questionnaire and interviews conducted to randomly selected Algerians from several wilayas in addition to observation. The research work is also based on a quantitative and qualitative analyses presented and interpreted under the form of graphs and numbers. After analyzing and discussing the results, it is revealed that culture has an eminent liaison with the use of daily language.
Collection(s) :Doctorat en Anglais

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