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Titre: Neonatal Resuscitation in MNSC of TLEMCEN Gaps between guidelines and practice
Auteur(s): Basma, CHENTOUF
Date de publication: 2016
Résumé: The successful transition from intrauterine to extrauterine life is dependent upon significant physiologic changes that occur at birth. In almost all infants (90 percent), these changes are successfully completed at delivery without requiring any special assistance. However, about 10 percent of infants will need some intervention, and 1 percent will require extensive resuscitative measures at birth. We discussed the physiological changes that occur in the transition from intrauterine to extrauterine life and we reviewed the indications and principles of neonatal resuscitation. Neonatal resuscitation contributes to a better care of newly born infants. This thesis revealed that many important issues concerning neonatal resuscitation, have to be answered in the future, such as the outcome of preterm infants treated with occlusive plastic wrapping, the percentage and timing of additional oxygen in newborns not responding initially, the use of continuous positive airway pressure during neonatal resuscitation, the most efficacious intravenous dose of epinephrine in newborns with an asystole and the outcome of infants treated with hypothermia. In addition, implementation and training of the new guidelines in Neonatal Life Support Programmes will further contribute to the improvement in the care of newborn infants. We think that the results of this survey will be useful in What Is Already Known on This Topic : Adequate resuscitation at birth has a major role in improving morbidity and mortality of neonates, especially preterms. The guidelines are repeatedly revised; last revision in NRP based on ILCOR has been published on 2015, thus, updating the practice among our teams, inside our DR needs to be done regularly to improve birth outcomes. What This survey Adds : The contemporary knowledge of current neonatal resuscitation guidelines can’t be effective without the necessary equipement.
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