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dc.contributor.authorMEZIANI, Soumia-
dc.contributor.authorHEMCHE, Abdelkarim-
dc.description.abstractFacebook (FB) is now considered to be the most popular platform for online social networking among university students , who are attracted to such space more than any time before. At first glance, this seems to be a waste of time ; however, it also helps students to develop important knowledge and social skills. It provides various oppurtunities for both teachers and students to, flexibly, interact beyond classroom walls. The ever growing popularity of such space, launches the debate among educators, who view these online tools as a clear opportunity to develop innovative ways of teaching and learning. The purpose of this study is to investigate if Master 2 EFL students at Tlemcen University consider and know how to use Facebook effectively as a learning environment that could support their educational matters.Two questionnaires were administered to a representative sample of students and teachers belonging to a Facebook closed group named : “Master2Lit&Civ13”. It was found that students believe FB could be used as an online environment to support their educational matters. Social networks like FB, provide students and teachers with promising oppurtunities to interact and share academic mattersen_US
dc.publisherUniversity of Tlemcen-
dc.subjectThe Academic Usages, Social Networks, Master2; EFL, Students,Tlemcen University, Case of Facebooken_US
dc.titleThe Academic Usages of Social Networks among Master2 EFL Students at Tlemcen University: Case of Facebooken_US
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