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Titre: Haptic Feedback and Motor Disability : A Preliminary Study
Auteur(s): M.A. Hadj Abdelkader
G. Bourhis
B. Cherki
Mots-clés: Powered wheelchair
assistive technology
haptic feedback
Fitts law
Date de publication: 14-mar-2007
Résumé: The haptic feedback, natural for assistive devices intended for persons with visual disability, has been explored only recently for people with motor disability. The aim of this work is to study its potentialities in this context, and more particularly to assist to the powered wheelchairs control. After a bibliographical study on this question, we propose to model the wheelchair piloting task with an alternative of the classical Fitts law. The goal is to objectively evaluate the interest of a force feedback on the control joystick of an electric wheelchair.
Description: HuMaN 07 proceedings, Timimoun March,12-13-14 2007
Collection(s) :Articles internationaux

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