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Titre: An ivestigation of language use in arabiccaricature in algerian newspapers
Auteur(s): Hadjadj, Choayb
Mots-clés: Algerian Newspapers, Caricatures, Diglossia, Discourse Analysis, Language Use
Date de publication: 7-oct-2015
Résumé: It is a shared knowledge that caricatures in the written media is one amidst the revealing signs of reality as it portrays the actual events and phenomena covering ample fields including social, linguistic, cultural, ideological and mainly political field. From the sociolinguistic standpoint, one may notice the richness of the linguistic repertoire characterizing the Algerian speech community, as caricatures designers strive to convey their intended messages making use of different codes, mainly for humouristic and satirical purposes. Pegged to these claims, the present analytical based research endeavours to scrutinize the different codes utilized by the caricaturists in the Algerian Newspapers written in Arabic.
Collection(s) :Magister en Anglais

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