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Date de publicationTitreAuteur(s)
2013Influence of building orientation on internal temperature in saharian climates, building located in ghardaia region (algeria)Bekkouche, Sidi Mohammed El Amine.; Benouaz, Tayeb.; Cherier, Mohamed Kamel.; Hamdani, Maamar.; Yaiche, Redha Mohamed.; Khanniche, Rachid.
29-mai-2011Mechanical investigations of two repair mortars and repaired systemAmjad Mallat, Abdenour Alliche
2012Fatigue Crack Growth on Double Butt Weld with Toe Crack of Pipelines SteelHadjoui, Féthi; Benachour, Mustapha; Benguediab, Mohamed
oct-2012A constrained finite strip method for prismatic members with branches and/or closed partsDjafour, N; Djafour, M; Megnounif, A; Matallah, M; Zendagui, D
15-aoû-2011Effects of rhenium alloying on adhesion of Mo/HfC and Mo/ZrC interfaces: A first-principles studySI ABDELKADER, H.; FARAOUN, H. I.; ESLING, C.
fév-2011Structural stability, elastic constants, bonding characteristics and thermal properties of zincblende, rocksalt and fluorite phases in copper nitrides: plane-wave pseudo-potential ab initio calculationsKANOUN-BOUAYED, Nawel; KANOUN, Mohammed Benali; GOUMRI-SAID, Souraya
jan-2013Real-time rescheduling metaheuristic algorithms applied to FMS with routing flexibilitySOUIER, Mehdi; SARI, Zaki; HASSAM, Ahmed
25-aoû-2011Oleaster oil positively modulates plasma lipids in humansBELARBI, Meriem; BENDIMERAD, Soraya; SOUR, Souad; SOUALEM, Zoubida; BAGHDAD, Choukri; HMIMED, Sara; CHEMAT, Farid; VISIOLI, Francesco
déc-2012Short- and long-term effects of various Citrullus colocynthis seed extracts in normal and streptozotocin-induced diabetic ratsBenariba, Nabila; Djaziri, Rabeh; Zerriouh, Bouchra Hanane; Bellakhdar, Wafaa; Hupkens, Emeline; Boucherit, Zahia; Malaisse, Willy J.
sep-2011Contribution to the assessment of green biomass of Atriplex halimus plantation in arid western Algeria (region of Naama)BOUZID, Aman; BENABDELI, Kheloufi