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Titre: Palestino-israeli conflict with special reference to algerian position
Auteur(s): MANAA, MOHammed
Mots-clés: Palestino-israeli- conflict -special reference -algerian position
Date de publication: 6-fév-2014
Résumé: I hâve long been preoccupied by the Palestinian problem and it was the wish to know more about it,along with the possibility brought about in the framework of the postgraduate program,that finally prompted me to make this study. I hâve gone through the prominent historical events of this important problem in the history of Arab nation. However,what is proposed in this work should not be considered as an "expert" view nor,for that matter, Personal testimony. The Palestinian dilemma has been in the forefront of Arab politics for décades and has often been the focusing point of the Arab world. Palestine has been the basic component of the Arab reality. No attempt can succeed to separate the Palestinian cause from the Arab-Israeli confrontation;for the faith of the Arabs in the organic unity of the two causes is too firm to leave in their minds any grounds for doubt as to this unity. Since the beginning, they considered the problem of Palestine as an Arab concern and the concern of every Arab state;for the Palestinian soil is heart of the Arab soil. The Arab fate and dignity are therefore linked to the recovery of Palestine and the libération of the holy places. The Palestinian problem made the Arab peoples strive for a certain degree of political unity corresponding to the relative unity which existed on the social and cultural plane. Such an K Arab objective is a necessity arising from the nature of the choices open to the Arabs in the modem world,at least as long as Israël appears as a bridgehead of the West in the midst of a profoundly committed area of the underdeveloped world. It is worthnoting that,in addition to the Arab world commitment to Palestine,there is that of the world of Islam. The Palestinians gained the support of most of the countries in which Islam is the dominant religion. Some of thèse countries felt deeply concerned with the libération of the holy cities in conformity with their Muslim ideology ,though some others,like Turkey,have been much more reluctant,and for a long time maintained good relations with Israël. We,however,witness the development of strong feelings of solidarity and sympathy with the Palestinians,during the last two décades,among Muslims throughout the world.
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