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Titre: A native country for the invisible son : portraits of the afro-Americain hero in selected novels by writht ,ellison,baldwin
Auteur(s): CHEREF, Abdelkader
Mots-clés: native country -invisible son-afro-Americain - novels -ellison,baldwin
Date de publication: 6-fév-2014
Résumé: I wish to acknowled (re thanks to my superviser, Professor Erian Lee,without whose patience,suggestions,criticisms and altruism,this dissertât!;- would not hâve been possible. Most of ail, I cwe him my thanks for the time he spent in helping me with this werk. Azong the number of seholurs to whom an intellectual acta mt is owed,T must distinguish Mr. Lakhdar Earka Sidi Mohamed. Both his patience and example are reflected in the body of the work. m7 appréciation and thanks are extended to Dr. F. Borsali and Dr. X. Xiliani without whose help I would not hâve been able to tindertake this sttidy. Finally,my deepest gratitude is due to wife,to our ighter Fatima-Zohrâ,and to our sW,Belkacem Charaf-Eddine ar.i Mohamed-Sl-àmine Mohieddine,for whom there was not enough time.
Collection(s) :Magister en Anglais

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