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Titre: Learner and Teacher Readiness for Constructivism in the Algerian EFL Classroom: The Case of 3rd Year Literary Classrooms in Colonel Abd Elhadi Secondary School (Sidi Bel-Abbes)
Auteur(s): KHELIFI, Khayreddine
Mots-clés: Constructivism
learner autonomy
teacher education
EFL classroom
Date de publication: 16-jan-2014
Résumé: By the rise of the twenty first century, the Algerian educational system was reformed adopting the Competency-Based Approach inspired from constructivist learning theory. Thus, the aim of this work was to explore, through a case study design, the readiness of both learners and teachers for constructivism in the Algerian EFL classroom (3rd year literary classrooms). The analysis and triangulation of the data obtained from a set of research instruments (learners’ questionnaire, teachers’ questionnaire, classroom observation, and the General Inspector’s interview) revealed that Algerian EFL learners and teachers are not ready for constructivism. Moreover, the Algerian EFL classroom is not appropriate for creating constructivist learning/teaching environments that require and encourage learner autonomy. On the ground of these findings, some solutions and suggestions were proposed to overcome the issues and obstacles unveiled by this work.
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