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Titre: A Sociolinguistic View of Taboo Language and Euphemisms in the Algerian Society: Attitudes and Beliefs in Tlemcen Speech Community
Auteur(s): GHOUNANE, nadia
Mots-clés: taboo language and subjects,
euphemism, attitudes
politeness strategies
Islamic Norms
Algerian culture
Algerian Arabic
Tlemcen speech community
Date de publication: 14-jan-2014
Résumé: The current study is geared to investigate Tlemcen speakers‟ attitudes towards taboo topics namely sex and death and their euphemistic substitutions. It also aims at improving a useful understanding of these sensitive topics. Thus, it tends to prove that some linguistic expressions are the result of societal, psychological and cultural pressures. Another purpose of this work is to analyse Tlemcen speakers‟ views, beliefs and, therefore, exploring the motives which give a fertile soil for the creation of euphemistic substitutions. It shows that there are euphemistic expressions which represent a wealth vocabulary of Algerian varieties in general and Tlemcen dialect in particular. To these ends, we have relied on many research instruments in order to test the validity of our hypotheses and to collect reliable data. Henceforth, the outcomes of this study show that the percentages of both taboos and euphemistic usage are nearly equal, although statistical analysis of the questionnaire revealed that the respondents‟ attitudes towards taboos were highly positive. In fact, these findings indicate that the use of these two linguistic phenomena differ from one individual to another depending on their age, gender, the educational background and the context of use. They also reveal that Tlemcen people try to discuss taboo topics with their intimate friends. Nonetheless, Islamic norms and principles play a significant role in pushing them to employ the notion of politeness which restricts the open use of taboos. Lastly, these research findings prove that sex has remained as the most tabooed topic, whereas death is also handled with care in this speech community.
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