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Titre: Assessing the Effects of Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) on EFL LMD2 Students’ Motivation: University of Tlemcen
Auteur(s): YAICHE, Wahida
Mots-clés: Computer
Assisted Language Learning,
Date de publication: 1-jan-2014
Résumé: As a dependent psychological variable, motivation plays a significant role in promoting foreign language learning. Thus, various methods are employed for the sake of motivating EFL students. Computer Assisted Language Learning (CALL) is one of the most innovative methods that can be used to enhance students’ motivation in the area of language education. This research work aims at providing information about the usefulness of CALL in solving the problem of motivation in EFL classrooms taking as a reference the case of second year undergraduate students at the University of Tlemcen. It also attempts to elicit the main CALL success factors as well as the difficulties encountered by the students and the teacher in CALL laboratories.
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