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Titre: Teaching EFL Grammar in the Algerian Secondary Schoo l( The Case of 3AS Classes )
Auteur(s): SENOUSSI, Nadjet
Mots-clés: grammar
grammar teaching methodology-
grammar learning strategies
Date de publication: 29-déc-2013
Description: This dissertation has primarily tried to analyse the EFL grammar teaching/ learning at secondary-school level, for 3AS-LPh stream (2010-2011). It has equally been targeted towards investigating the real causes behind these learners failure to use their grammatical knowledge to achieve some communicative purposes. In this sense, in this work, the investigator managed to diagnose any variable capable of influencing the grammar learning / teaching sphere, by stressing the many variables that have directly or indirectly influenced learners‟ outcomes in EFL in general and in grammar in particular. Results of this study revealed that learners‟ poor grammar outcomes are due to a lack of coherence between teaching objectives, classroom practices and evaluation norms, in addition to learners‟ level, negative attitudes and dependence on the teacher. Moreover, the experience has come to the conclusions that the inadequate teaching methodology has hindered the internalization of grammatical knowledge which constitutes the basis for a sound grammatical ability.
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