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dc.contributor.authorBADAOUI, H-
dc.contributor.authorFEHAM, M-
dc.contributor.authorABRI, M-
dc.description.abstractAbstract- In this paper we design a brick that will form the photonic crystals network. In particular, we focus on the design of a 1×2 Y-Shaped Splitter used for routing light exhibiting high transmission in triangular and square lattices. The Distribution of the magnetic field, the transmission and the reflection are investigated by numerical simulations using the 2D-FDTD simulation. The obtained spectral transmission result of the optimized 1×2 Y-Shaped Splitter in triangular unit cell is high in comparison with that of a square unit cell. Photonic crystals are considered a good way for realizing compact optical splitters.en_US
dc.subjectPhotonic crystalsen_US
dc.subjectintegrated opticsen_US
dc.subject1×2Y-Shaped Splitteren_US
dc.titleY Junction in Square and Triangular Lattices Optimizarion Using the 2D-FDTD Methoden_US
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