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Titre: ترجمة المصطلح اللّساني في الكتابات اللّسانية بالمغرب العربي
Auteur(s): عزاوي, شيماء
بلغري, وسيلة
Mots-clés: Translation; Linguistic Term; Maghrebi Linguists.
Date de publication: 24-mai-2023
Résumé: Through this research, we tried to shed light on the reality of the translation of the linguistic term in the Arab Maghreb and how the Maghreb slang translated linguistic terms from the West. So we made a comparison between the linguistic translations of the scholar Abd Al-Rahman Hajj Salih (Algeria), Abd Al-Salam Al-Masadi (Tunisia) and Abdelkader Al-Fassi Al-Fihri (Morocco), and we tried to monitor the causes of the terminological crisis in the Maghreb, and we mentioned the most important problems that confront the translator while performing the translation process. And we concluded by presenting some solutions that may contribute in curbing this terminological chaos that made the researcher flounder within the research framework.
Collection(s) :Master en Traduction

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