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Titre: Clinical evaluation of lipids, lipoproteins and red blood cells sodium and potassium in patients with different grades of hypertension
Auteur(s): Aribi, Mourad
Merzouk, Hafida
Haddouche, Mustapha
Benyoucef, Mohammed
Taleb, Abdesselam
Kendouci Tani, Mohammed
Merzouk, Sid A
Meziane, Abderrahim
Date de publication: aoû-2010
Editeur: University of Tlemcen
Résumé: Objectives: To show that lipid and lipoprotein levels and cell sodium and potassium content and transport could change depending on the degree of hypertension. Design and methods: Forty-three hypertensive patients and 20 healthy subjects were recruited at the Cardiology and Biochemistry Departments of Tlemcen University Hospital Centre (Northwest of Algeria). Results: Levels of CHOL,TG, PL, HDL-TG, LDLc, LDL-TG, LDL-PL, HDL2-TG and HDL3-TG were significantly higher in hypertensive patients than those in controls. HDL-PL levels were significantly lower in patients compared with controls and decreased according to the grade of hypertension. HDL2c, HDL2-PL and HDL3-TG and cell content and fluxes of sodium and potassium change gradually with higher grades of hypertension. Conclusions: Hypertensive patients with circulating lipid alterations are associated to ion cell content and transport abnormalities, which were worsened progressively with higher grade of hypertension.
Description: CLINICAL BIOCHEMISTRY, ISSN : 0009-9120, DOI: 10.1016/j.clinbiochem.2010.05.012, Issue : 12, Volume :43, pp. 942-947, August 2010.
ISSN: 0009-9120
Collection(s) :Articles internationaux

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