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Titre: Diagnosis, seismic analysis and reinforcement of an old building in El-Maleh, Algeria
Auteur(s): BOUMECHRA, Nadir
Mots-clés: old masonry structure
structural analyses
Date de publication: déc-2010
Résumé: The Northern part of Algeria is considered to be the most active seismogenic area in the Western Mediterranean region. This area has a rich history of seismicity and had experienced many destructive earthquakes such as the Chlef (1954), El-Asnam (1980), Beni-Chograne (1994), Aïn-Temouchent (1999) and recently Boumerdes (2003) earthquakes. The earthquake of Aïn-Temouchent on December 22, 1999, was of magnitude 5.7, killed at least 28 people and made thousands of families homeless. Consequent damage was seen in all the structures located in a radius of 30 km. In the city of El-Maleh, located 12 km northeast of Aïn-Temouchent, the “The National Bank Branch” of El-Maleh suffered moderate damage, but enough to justify questions about its safety. The project of rehabilitating this building required a broad analysis of its static and dynamic, past and present behaviors. The study reported in this paper was a necessary preliminary step toward the development of an optimal retrofit solution.
Description: Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Vibration, ISSN : 1671-3664, DOI: 10.1007/s11803-010-0039-8, Issue :4, Volume : 9, pp. 577-586,December 2010.
ISSN: 1671-3664
Collection(s) :Articles internationaux

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