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Titre: Valorization of dredging sediments from algerian dams. Case of the Cheurfas dam
Auteur(s): BOURABAH, Maghnia Asmahane
Mots-clés: dredging sediments
road embankment
mechanical behaviour
Date de publication: 2011
Résumé: In environmental geotechnics, the valorization of dredging sediments and their use in embankments is a way increasingly prospected by researchers these last years. This paper treats exploitation of dredging sediments of the dam Cheurfas (Algeria) and their valorization in road embankments. Physico-chemical, mineralogical and mechanical analyses were studied to determine their level of influence on the mechanical behaviour. These analyses showed that a treatment by sand, lime and cement proved to be necessary. Various formulations were elaborate in this direction and a synthesis of the mechanical characteristics was elaborate in accordance with the standards and the classification of materials used in road embankments.
Description: EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL AND CIVIL ENGINEERING, ISSN : 1964-8189, DOI : 10.3166/EJECE.15.179-196, Issue : 2, Volume : 15, pp. 179-196, 2011.
ISSN: 1964-8189
Collection(s) :Articles internationaux

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