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Titre: Réalisation du premier forum algérien de pédiatrie.
Auteur(s): BOUAYADI, Khadidja Nor El houda
Mots-clés: Pediatrics, Algerian Forum, Prediction of Diseases, Web Development.
Pédiatrie, Forum Algérien, Prédiction de maladies, Développement Web.
Date de publication: 6-jui-2019
Editeur: 29-06-2022
Référence bibliographique: salle des thèses
Collection/Numéro: bfst2698;
Résumé: Despite the growth of social media nowadays and the diverse content they offer, they cannot cover the high need for forums in general and medical ones in particular. The content offered by these forums may have a limited scope (Europe, South Africa, Canada,…) and may target a specific audience. In contrast to this, we tackled in this project the development of the first Algerian forum for pediatrics, called "Coin-Pédiatrie". This latter was essentially driven by the lack (or absence) of forums that are specific to our context, which was properly turned into a need to develop a consistence Web application that aims to enable access to pediatrics information by creating a spot to gather diseases, medical treatments, and grand-mothers tips according to the Algerian context. "CoinPédiatrie" offers multiple functionalities such as: profile management, content moderation, keeping moms and pediatricians in touch through questions and both professional and customized responses. Moreover, "Coin-Pédiatrie" offers a prediction system of diseases that is still on an early phase due to the difficulty of the problem it tries to solve, which opens up doors for further efforts based on what we have already done so far.
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