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Titre: A density-dependent model describing age-structured population dynamics using hawk–dove tactics
Auteur(s): MARVA, M.
Mots-clés: Game dynamics
Leslie model
Aggregation methods
Individual behaviour
Date de publication: aoû-2012
Résumé: In this paper we deal with a nonlinear two-timescale discrete population model that couples age-structured demography with individual competition for resources. Individuals are divided into juvenile and adult classes, and demography is described by means of a density-dependent Leslie matrix. Adults compete to access resources; every time two adults meet, they choose either being aggressive (hawk) or non-aggressive (dove) to get the best pay-off. Individual encounters occur much more frequently than demographic events, what yields that the model takes the form of a two-timescale system. Approximate aggregation methods allow us to reduce the system while preserving at the same time crucial asymptotic information for the whole population. In this way, we are able to describe the total population size as function of individual aggressiveness level and environmental richness. Model analysis shows a general trend with species that look for richer environment having smaller proportions of hawk individuals with larger costs.
Description: Journal of Difference Equations and Applications,1-3,2012.
ISSN: 1023-6198
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