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Titre: A Monolayer Passive Structure Analysis by WCIP method
Auteur(s): MEGNAFI, Hicham
RAVEU, Nathalie
ALLAM, Ikram
Mots-clés: Iterative method
concept of waves
S parameter
Filter planar
Date de publication: 2012
Résumé: This paper presents an efficient implementation of waves’ concept based on the iterative method algorithm combined with the FFT-2D algorithm adapted to box modes, or Fast Modal Transform (FMT). The advantages of this method are simplicity and the no implication of basic functions and matrices inversion. As used in other calculation’s methods, this work consists of a development of simulation software based on this method for simple layer planar circuits simulation. The simulations of a microstrip line and a low band filter are made. The obtained results have been analyzed and validated by comparison to results obtained by other researchers and by using a EM simulator.
Description: Sciences of electronics,technologie of information and telecommunication(2012.
Collection(s) :Communications internationales

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