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Titre: Elaboration d’un système de double authentification sur Raspberry.
Auteur(s): ABI AYAD, Chakib
Mots-clés: authentification sur Raspberry.
Date de publication: 10-oct-2019
Editeur: 09-01-2020
Référence bibliographique: salle des thèses
Collection/Numéro: bfst2547;
Résumé: Faced with the increasing evolution of technologies and the emergence of a strong dependence on the internet, our personal information is becoming more and more sensitive, and the need to preserve it has become more than obvious. For this, we put a security system based on dual factor authentication. Indeed, each registration or registration where a user is required to enter a password, a single-use code is issued to him, so that he can send it to our server, via the phone number with which he had previously registered. In order to achieve this, we have set up a server side, where we find a database that collects as its name indicates, the data that comes from the web pages generated and filled by the different users, and from another side a GSM gateway, which receives SMS from users.
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