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Titre: Design and Simulation of Double “S” Shaped Metamaterial
Auteur(s): BENOSMAN, Hayet
Mots-clés: left handed metamaterial
double “S” structure
negative refraction
Date de publication: mar-2012
Résumé: Metamaterials are defined as artificial electromagnetic structures based on the assembly of magnetic resonators and infinitely long metal rods at sub wavelength scale, which have the negative permittivity and the negative permeability simultaneously in a specific frequency range. However there are also some new metamaterial structures being explored which exhibit the same behavior. In this paper, we present the design, and simulation of a double S-shaped metamaterial in the microwave range. The design tool is the HFSS software which uses the finite element method. The extraction of effective parameters by the method of reflection- transmission coefficients demonstrates the metamaterial behavior of the said structure.
ISSN: 1694-081
Collection(s) :Articles internationaux

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